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  Chicks Beach is a Locals Public Beach located in Virginia Beach along the Chesapeake Bay offering breath taking views of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel with many Vacation Rental Homes available, shallow clear water beaches and four restuarants that span the spectrum from 5 star to great Bar and Grilles.

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Cruising with The Best: Your Pet!
One of the few difficult things about having a dog is the thought of parting with him when you go on holiday. Unless you have someone truly trustworthy who you feel will fill in for a few days as ‘parent’ to your four-legged friend, you may be discouraged from taking a holiday at all. Pet hotels are always an option, but often, they involve long stays in a kennel and you may worry about your pet suffering from anxiety in the absence of human company for an extended period of time. Moreover, may pet owners feel that their dog is part of the family and that if travelling is about making memories together, then the dog should be part of any adventure.

Seeing the World with Rex
Short journeys by plane are generally not too much trouble for those travelling with pets. Smaller pets (generally those weighing less than 20 pounds) can travel with you in the cabin, but there are a few pitfalls to watch out for: most airlines only permit a set number of pets per flight (around two dogs per flight only), and larger dogs may have to be checked in as ‘baggage’.  Meanwhile, dogs who are not accepted on the plane (because, for instance, they are above a certain size) may fly as cargo. Some of the risks of plane flight include the following: the dog might escape from a cage; the plane might delayed and your pet may have to put up with high or low temperatures on ground; the animal may get lost (as happens with luggage) during a stopover; the cage may be mishandled or crushed, etc. Additionally, several hours of travel can be stressful for a dog, and since you are not travelling alongside them, you cannot ensure that they are hydrated, breathing well, etc. Likewise, many airlines will not accept dogs as baggage during the summer, while others will not admit brachycephalic dogs (so-called ‘flat-nosed dogs like Boston Terriers, English and French bulldogs, and pugs) because they may have trouble breathing on a flight.

Take it Easy, Sailing Away
In case you thought there were too many impediments to a wonderful holiday with your dog, think again. One of the least stressful ways for the entire family, pets and all, to travel, is surely by cruising the high seas! Most cruises have strict sanitation and health regulations in place regarding travelling with pets, largely owing to the limited space onboard and the different rules with respect to quarantines and admissions in different ports of call. Therefore, service animals are generally the only ones allowed on cruises, where they are not considered ‘pets’ and where owners are responsible for them at all times, including at potty time, when pets are expected to use a specific area to ‘do the deed’. Two cruise lines which accommodate service dogs are Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean. There is one magnificent cruise ship, however, which does admit pets: Cunard’s Queen Mary 2, which travels from Southampton to New York (and vice-versa) in just seven nights (when the port of Hamburg in Germany is added, the itinerary is extended to nine nights). 

Stress-Free Sailing for Your Dog

If air travel stresses you out, you can rest assured that the issues which could affect your dog on a flight, are non-existent on a ship. Aboard the Queen Mary 2, pets are not allowed in your cabin, but they are kept in comfortable kennels and attended to by a full-time Kennel Master, who takes charge of feeding and caring for your dog (you don’t even have to worry about packing dog food and treats, as your pooch will be treated to a complimentary gift pack which includes a Frisbee, homemade biscuits and comfortable bedding). One thing you will need to take care of before sailing away is your dog’s vaccines, which will have to meet the requirements set out in the UK’s Pet Travel Scheme. If you are travelling from Chesapeake, you will, of course, need to sort a flight with your pet to New York. If your dog is not eligible to fly in the cabin with you, then get ready for a long drive (the drive from Virginia to New York takes over eight hours). Still, it is a small sacrifice, considering the stress you will be eliminating both from your own, and your pet’s journeys, once your ship sets sail. Once in London, you will find a host of pet-friendly activities for you and your dog – everything from a visit to the magnificent, 445-hectare Bushy Park, to the ultimate pampering experience for Pooches at Hair of the Dog, London.